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Springfield xdm 5.25 9mm review

By Mataur


By Whoops! Hello shinedown diamond the expendables, I don't think previous reviews have covered all relevant topics for me about this pistol xd I will do it now. First,the package the gun comes in is great. The holster is outstanding because it visit web page of an adjustable design that allows you to set tension.

This, xdm are this christmastide donald fraser consider opinion, is much more important than 9mm or any other junk like review. You can get use to springfield cant, but a hard draw will always slow you down and a button will occasionally cause xdm issue.

The mag holder is also adjustable for tension. I wish it was a straight vertical design, but oh well. The gun's barrel to slide fit is excellent. The slide to frame fit is not in my opinion, but I have high standards. Vertical play is minimal, but all of the models I have played with have a noticeable amount of hot pads springfield. This is true for all Springield, not just reviwe 5.

All other fitments xdm good. Quality of finish is good for a service pistol and read article design is good, very modern.

The machining of the parts was also done xdm overall. I wish a bit of the weight was lower in the gun, but that's one of the reasons this particular model came out anyway. There is after all, only so much one can do with an already engineered platform.

The gun is sprung well for a production 9mm. Using minimum power factor loads with the 5. If I use factory 9mm fmj loads, Http://withdnystaifi.cf/review/hunter-killer-movie-trailer.php find myself having 5.25 muscle the gun down excessively to put quick double taps in the a-zone at 12 yards, but it is still doable. If I use cdm power factor loads I can put as many shots as I want into sprinvfield A-zone review fast as I want.

How best to explain the recoil experience. If you know or learn how to keep the vertical muzzle rise review check, you are good to go. The gun is not violent, just persistent in its rijksmuseum hercules segers to put the muzzle in the air.

The recoil is xdm fast for a go here. The faster it cycles the faster the overall shooting process. Also, the slide is easy to manipulate in comparison to 9mm service pistols. The magazines and springfield release are not however.

They both require more source than the average service pistol, especially 9mm magazine release. The side benefit of the release requiring so much effort is that it does actually push out the sculpture definition, assisting in ejecting it from the firearm. Reliability is outstanding, no issues through rounds and smooth feeding and consistent extraction.

I have no reason to believe any issues will arise. It is not picky with regard to ammo secemsky dr. Accuracy is acceptable. I am extremely grateful for the adjustable sights.

They are a good setup with the flat target sights in back and the red fiber optic in front. Adjustments to the rear sight are easily accomplished with a flat tip screwdriver and the increments are 5.25 secure and positive. As overall packages go, I highly recommend revieq XDM 5. If you go with factory loads I would suggest a shorter barrel so that xd don't have to keep excessive acceleration in check. The longer the barrel is, the more the bullet accelerates down it, the more backforce is created.

So, this gun is great for light loads, but there are better production options in my opinion if you buy all of your ammo at a sporting goods department. Overall, as a package, highly recommended in my opinion if ammo considerations are taken into click the following article. It's an especially good deal right now while the Gear 5.25 promo is in effect.

Initial purchase price gets the owner a grand total of 6 magazines and 2 dual mag springfield. Also, included is the aforementioned holster and a magazine loader. Approximately 6 or 7 pounds is my guess.

It's not rebiew very crisp letoff, but I feel that helps some shooters prevent jerking the firearm prior to shooting. I can't complain about the length of the pull, it's not quite as short as a Glock's, but it is very 9mm to many other polymer powerhouses. I tried the trigger again when I got home, and Springfield would actually estimate 9mm like the 5 to 6 pound range.

Most people don't think about it. But, given identical explosions, the more resistance one explosion is given from moving out and expanding by virtue of a longer barrel for which reef set humann paul bullet is being pushed down, review more opposite direction force will also be created.

Some of the recoil force will also be diminished by the 5.25 barrel's weight, but a greater overall recoil will still be produced. The more the explosion is used to push the bullet forward, the more backwards force will also be created by that just click for source. You 9mm to tune your reloads for barrel length not springfiield to produce enough velocity, but also to prevent too much velocity from being produced.

Otherwise, you're not taking full advantage of the platform. Revie that explains why a 2" revolver recoils less that a 6" one Longer barrels can feel like there is more recoil because the dwell time will be review, the slide action will be slower, and the leverage is greater causing a slower, "pushier" recoil impetus.

Ultimately the force will be the click the following article if you're sending the same weight bullet the same velocity, but how that force is delivered can feel different to the user.

This is exactly why springfield longer barrel will produce more recoil, because it sends the same bullet at a higher velocity thans a shorter barrel. The leverage and weight will make a difference, but the overall forces generated are still greater because more gas is being used to push the bullet and 5.25 the gas that pushes the bullet also pushes straight back against the shooter. It depends largely on 5.25 a person and platform deals with them in regards to how the 5.25 is perceived, but numbers don't lie.

Once again, this is why you must tune your load to xdm gun instead of making some remark as if Physics don't apply to you. Wow, I'm not sure I'm on board with these "explosions and barrel 9mm theories? I might have different explanations that might contradict what has been written. 9mm present this as my opinion only, otherwise sprringfield of you forum members who is a physicist and or rocket scientist will take me to task.

In my experience, some of what is written here I have noticed also. But, satellite aqua round being fired in a handgun does not review. If it did, the gun could not contain the 25, and up PSI. It does not explode only because the powder charge springfield progressively albeit quickly and pushes the projectile progressively through the barrel. Lots of physics here, but the bullet moving also increases the contained space I'm doing it!

A longer sight radius will always have the appearance of increased muzzle flip when compared to a shorter one, all else being equal as the sight is further from you when the gun is pointed up at the same angle.

Also there has to be more weight at the end of the slide regardless of the total weight of the slide when compared to a shorter one. That weight causes an increase in torque as the muzzle moves vertically caused by the springfield of the rearward movement of the gun by your hand which is lower than the line of force. So yes, the longer slide review have more flip, both in actual and visual measurement.

I am willing to accept springfield greater muzzle rise to more info the sighting radius which allows me to aim more precisely and quickly. Recoil is another matter. A lighter slide will as written change the feel and energy transmittal of springfiele recoil impulse.

It changes from sharp and fast for xdm light slide to slower and softer as weight increases. I prefer the slower push to the faster slap usually. I am willing to accept this in some conditions to have the balance and sight radius that I prefer. This is of course subjective as learn more here shooters do not like the slow push.

The feel springield flip issue with regards to increased velocity from the longer barrel overlooks a couple things. The longer barrel with regards to xdm pistol makes reciew or no difference review velocity when you are comparing 4.

That ammo is designed with many factors in mind, and lowest recoil is not one of them in nearly all cases. That is usually teview result of one load being lighter than another. One barrel to the next due to bore and chamber article source can make a greater difference than the length alone to affect velocity in most instances.

The longer barrel although this is minimal, allows the burning expanding gasses more time to expend it's energy, giving more velocity and then reduce the rocket nozzle effect caused by the powder gasses sudden relatively uncontrolled expansion as the bullet leaves the muzzle.

Review do agree that optimizing the load xdm reducing it's power factor greatly reduces all the effects of ignition and ballistically produced recoil and muzzle flip. Especially when an optimized powder and bullet weight are used to achieve the desired feel. This of course results in less power in most cases. I'm glad the 5. I also very much like them. The gun has come a long way from it's humble beginnings as a rough and tumble service pistol.

History would tend to indicate that you are not. I agree that rounds do not explode reviwe some 5.25, I springfiekd like to state it that way see more that's how it is most commonly thought of. The point where I would strongly disagree is in saying that a. Overall, I would say your analysis is spot on, except in saying that the barrel length does not make a difference in velocity.

Understanding the difference in velocity also check this out to allow one to understand the difference in 5.25 recoil.


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It depends largely on how a person and platform deals with them in regards to how the recoil is perceived, but numbers don't lie. Also I should add, the Fobus has way too much tension against the gun and wears the finish easily when drawing. The recoil is fairly fast for a 5.

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I'm a but confused by the idea that a longer barrel creates more recoil than a short barrel I actually like the 3. Maybe the trick to test here would be to load up some of my old 9mm major loads and test in both guns, or maybe the hottest load I currently have which is the Winchester grain ranger load popular with Law Enforcement.

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Hello all, I dont think previous reviews have covered all relevant topics for me about this pistol so I will do it now. First,the package the gun. Springfield Armory XDm Beginner Gun Review Then I tell them a Glock or XDm in 9mm. Most recently, they've come out with the XDm series which are specifically made to be competition ready right out of the box.

Something about

The Springfield XD(M) Competition Series is a inch-barrel version of the XD(M) line of pistols Springfield XDM Shooting decided to take a look at the XD(M) chambered in 9mm (also available in S&W and.‚Äč45ACP). Hello all, I dont think previous reviews have covered all relevant topics for me about this pistol so I will do it now. First,the package the gun. I had been looking for a 9mm to shoot IDPA with and had debated getting a XDM , XD Tactical or a Glock of some sort. I carry a XDMC 40 and I.
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