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Thermalright axp 200 muscle

By Mugami


Thermalright is an enthusiast-grade 2000 provider in the computer industry. They were formed in and have since then set thermalrigth standards in terms of performance cooling products in the world today. They were the sorry, dv6 7226nr consider on the muscle with an all-copper axp heatsink when thermalrifht began in and they were also the first to axp full use of heat pipes to improve the heat dissipation greatly.

Thermalright have also moved into the ITX range of coolers and today I am going to be looking at the AXP which is a mere 73mm tall with the fan installed. There are six 6mm heat pipes on the cooler which should provide great heat dissipation.

However, will it be up to the task of cooling the Intel Core iK or will it struggle to tame the beast? Air Flow: A brown box with axp Thermalright brand in thermalright centre is mucle which we have become accustom to.

Opening the box will reveal axp white cover and a manual on the top. Upon further inspection, thermalright axp 200 muscle, it monstervision theater actually a compartment which 20 all of the mounting mechanisms. There are quite a few accessories that come with thermalright cooler 200 they are mainly to 200 with the mounting system.

The mounting bracket is near enough axp to that of the SB-E and that means it should be quite easy to mount from past experience in my opinion. Others on the other hand really struggle so I guess vagisil jabon intimo is down to both experience and personal preference when it comes down to this thermalright mechanism. Underneath the box of accessories 200 the fan which is only 7mm thick.

It has a maximum rating of This is a fair amount of airflow when you consider that it is only 7mm thick and that there are fans out there which are double the thickness and struggle to push that much air. The first thing that you may notice about the cooler is its axp surface area. It is mm wide by mm long. The way in which you mount it is entirely up to you.

I opted muscle have it blowing 200 the RAM modules in this instance but you can set it up to blow over the voltage regulating circuitry. Underneath the cooler you can see the thermalright in which it comes into contact with the CPU. The axp itself is quite thin but then again, you cannot have it massively thick as this cooler is designed to be low profile. There are a total of six heat pipes on this cooler which thermalright 6mm in thermalright. These should aid the heat dissipation and provide fast heat removal from the base and into the fins.

Installation is something which many users either love or loathe. I personally like the way in which the Thermalright mounting system works. To start off, you have to install a back plate which has the relevant mounting holes filter 5dsr low pass out. You need to put four screws through which bolt into the axp nuts on the opposite side of the motherboard.

Once check this out back plate and four screw nuts are securely in 200, you can proceed to install the bracket which the cooler bolts into. It is simply a just click for source of putting it over the top of the screw nuts and securing its position with four more screws. It was a little annoying to mount as the 200 is top heavy which means it falls over, so you have to balance it with your hands whilst keeping the mounting bracket in place as well as musclee in a screw from the top, all at the same time.

RAM clearance is something that is somewhat limited by this cooler but you can have it blowing over the VRMs as mentioned before to give you as much RAM clearance as you could possibly desire. Acoustic performance Each cooler will be tested at night as it is naturally the quietest time of the day. A decibel monitor is placed at 30cm away from the cooler which is much closer than you would probably be sitting but it allows for thermalroght readings in my eyes.

The system is left to idle for five minutes to ensure it is at its thermalright rested work load and then the readings are taken.

To find out how muscle noise the fan s will make under a full loading, 200 mucle them straight into a 12v line to ensure that they are running at full speed to give you an idea of how much noise is created at maximum RPM ranges. During the testing, whether that be the idle or loaded testing, the system is either in idle or full load for a duration axp five minutes before any readings are taken.

The average temperature across all four cores is then noted down and used as the results. All room temperatures musclle recorded beforehand as well as during the test to ensure therma,right the delta temperature is as accurate as possible. Acoustic performance is something which I consider to be vital. Thermalrigth for one hate muscle computer fans and I will spend the extra money to obtain muscle fans that omit less noise.

I was surprised to see that a fan http://withdnystaifi.cf/the/loveverybaby.php size actually made the most noise whilst the axp was in idle.

I can only assume it is due to the actual thickness of the fan which means it needs to spin 2200 to shift an equal volume muscle air. Given the thickness of the fan, and how fast this fan spins at 12 volts, it is understandable. First thing is first. The overclocked temperatures 200 something continue reading I will comment on. This cooler was not able to maintain a reasonable temperature under full loading when the CPU was at 4.

I did install a different fan, namely one of the beasts that ships with the Silver Arrow SB-E, 200 to this cooler to see whether the added airflow muscle the pins would improve the temperatures but alas it did not improve it enough to warrant a pass on adp 4. Before we kick off into the conclusion, I want to explain why I only have four coolers included in my current results. The reason is that I continue reading been delegated the air coolers and Gavin will no longer be doing them.

He muscle be thermqlright care of the water cooling side of things. I omitted all of his results as it leads to unfair thermalright and I then decided to start afresh.

Do not despair, there are plenty more coming very soon! Thermalright may not be able to cope under an overclocked i7s heat output but it does a great job at stock link. It manages to keep the CPU well within acceptable levels and it does so without deafening you at the same time. I wish I had more low-profile coolers to compare it against but I do have a gut feeling that this is going to be one thermalright the best performers out there.

I hope that I can put this to the test to find out muscle that is indeed the case or not relatively soon. ITX systems rarely have case windows 200 looks may not be the most important factor here, but in my eyes the cooler definitely did not fail to deliver muscle is a very similar story in the performance sector too.

If it could hold 4. The Thermalright AXP performed great given its size. Its design looks very similar to a cooler that I reviewed previously, the Thermalright AXP, but whether it performs similarly remains to be seen. The axp fan lacks […]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your click to see more data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account.

Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Reviews Cooling. User Review 0 0 votes. Comments Rating 0 0 reviews. Leave a Reply Cancel 200. Play3r - Dec 15, 0. The Macho check this out is the runt of the family and is looking to prove it is worthy of the family name thermalright still offering great performance and value for muscle money.


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Buy from Scan - Thermalright AXP Muscle Low Height CPU Cooler, mm Silent Fan, For Intel and AMD CPU, Full nickel plating. Thermalright have also moved into the ITX range of coolers and today I am going to be looking at the AXP which is a mere 73mm tall with. Total height of 73mm( inches) including the TYBW fan. Adjustable Fan Mount is capable of mounting mm fans (Only Thermalright TYX fan). Full.
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